Opposition Leader Eddie Joyce is questioning why the Premier continues to keep documents about the Canada-European Union Trade Agreement (CETA) secret, even after she promised to table all correspondence with the Federal Government on the deal. Joyce noted that the Liberal Caucus couldn’t support today’s Private Member’s Resolution without Government releasing the details of the agreement.

“Government initiated a debate in the House of Assembly this afternoon on CETA, but they continue to insist on keeping all the documents related to those discussions with the federal government a secret,” said Joyce. “If this is such a good deal for the province, as the Premier says it is, then why is she forcing a debate without providing any information?”

Today in the House of Assembly Joyce asked the Premier, “How can you expect us to debate this deal, when you’ve yet to release any information on it?”  The last time a deal was approved by this Government without all the details it cost the taxpayers $200 Million in expropriation of the Abitibi Mill.

Joyce continued to press the Minister of Fisheries and asked, “Under CETA, will fish that is caught off our shores still be required to be landed in our province?”

During debate today the Official Opposition proposed an amendment that would see support of CETA conditional on the release of information, however it was defeated by Government. “This is another shining example of Government’s preference for secrecy instead of being open and transparent,” said Joyce. “Once again, I’m calling on the Premier to live up to her commitment to table these important documents in the House of Assembly.”

Premier fails to release details on CETA and $400 Million Fund_November 13 2013



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